Youth Corps Singapore

Youth Expedition Project (YEP)

Before Kobe:

The campaign aims to increase awareness of the Youth Expedition Project (YEP) exhibition and workshops amongst youths. Ultimately, aiming to encourage more youths to participate in YEP.

After Kobe:

YEP Campaign engaged with influencers who have either been to YEP or an overseas volunteering trip. Hence, their experiences were transformed into genuine captions which not only created buzz, but more memories recalled with their friends.


14,275 outreach and 3,026 engagements


The collaboration with Kobe was a hassle-free one. Right from the beginning, the team knew what to do and had provided us with several ways to go about for our campaign. We wanted a niche group of influencers – typically those who have been to an overseas volunteering trip. Kobe was able to engage such a specific group of influencers. These influencers showed a deep level of relevance to our target audience through the sharing of their personal experiences.

Kobe’s everyday influencers also showed a great connection and interaction with their followers and it can be seen through their comments and conversations. We were even more impressed when they were able to exceed the engagement rate by 10 times of what we were promised. Through this campaign, we felt that Kobe was not only being efficient in their processes but more importantly, they are listeners. We appreciate the feedback and suggestions that they gave each time we express our concerns and views.


Youth Corps Singapore