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5 tips for aspiring influencers | An influencer career


Unlike your typical office jobs, there is no CV and neither is there an interview to become an influencer. There are no clear guidelines and steps to the path of an influencer career. However, aspiring influencers can keep in mind some tips to achieve this elusive job.

Therefore, to help these aspiring influencers out, we have gathered the top 5 tips to launch your influencer career.

Tips for aspiring influencers: #1. Ask yourself “what am I best at”

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Firstly, you have to determine your niche. You might pick a job based on what your talents are.
Similarly, to be a successful influencer you have to identify your talents on social media.

Are you good at coming up with outfits? Or are you good at discovering the latest food trends? Ask yourself questions like these to determine the type of influencers you want to be.

Some common influencer category include fashion, tech, sports and beauty influencers.

Above all, do keep in mind that you do not have to limit yourself to one category. The rule of thumb is to work around your strengths.

Focusing on your niche will grow your following. This is because you are able to produce better content with your knowledge in that category.

Lastly, you do not have to stick to the common influencer categories. After all, we have seen influencer careers take off with less common topics. For instance, the making of slime or ASMR videos.

Tips for aspiring influencers: #2. Choose where you want to start

Yes, you might have seen influencers with a big following across all social media channels. However, keep in mind that these influencers probably started on one social media platform.

For example we have Crawford Collins who blew up due to video sharing platform, vine and Zoella who blew up due to her YouTube videos.

Therefore, do wisely choose the platform you want your influencer career to start from.
There is no best social media platform. Hence, you should make your decision based on tip #1, your niche.

If you are good at making videos, do consider video sharing sites like YouTube and Tik Tok. On the other hand, if you prefer photography, Instagram and its visual driven nature would be good.

To add on, other factors to keep in mind include the place the majority of your audiences are on. For instance, if you hope to attract gen Z audience, you might want to consider Snapchat with a large gen Z demographic.

Focusing your energy on one platform is a great tip. However, as your influencer career takes off, do not forget to expand your other social media accounts.

Tips for aspiring influencers: #3. Strategize what you want to post

Did you know that influencers are also termed as content creators?

This is because creating content forms the main part of their job. Be it photos or videos, influencers have to constantly update their social media accounts.

Therefore, to have a successful influencer career, the most important step would be quality content.

Anyone can post on social media. However, not everyone can create great content.
High quality content comes in many forms. But it has to be authentic and relevant.

After all, followers would naturally be interested in content that resonates with them.

Therefore, no matter what you intend to post ensure that your content is meaningful in the eyes of your audience. If done well, this will most probably help you launch your influencer career.

Tips for aspiring influencers: #4. Listen to Your Audience

To help you with content creation, we have another tip!

A great way to ensure content created is what your followers like would be to use external tools.

Firstly, Google can be used to search for trending topics in your area of expertise. For example, if you are a fashion influencer, use Google to see which trends is the fashion community most interested in.

Doing so will help your influencer career. This is because followers are likely to be more interested in an influencer who knows their preferences well.
Secondly, you can use data analytics to determine the content your followers are interested in. For example, Facebook insights can help to monitor the growth in followers and likes of your page.

Lastly, you can monitor the comments comments section of your postings. It is not uncommon for followers to leave a comment about the type of content that would enjoy. We often see subscribers leaving video ideas in the comment section.

Tips for aspiring influencers: #5. Engage your audience

Lastly, always keep your audience in mind. An influencer career is often built on the relationship influencers have with their followers.

Many of them spend hours replying to comments, messaging and coming up with content their followers enjoy.

Therefore, to have a truly successful influencer career, try to engage your audience.

You can start off with liking the posts they tag you in or responding to them on social media. You can also use features such as IG or Facebook live to have more personal interactions with your followers. (Since live streams allows you to respond to your followers comments in real time)

That is the secret behind building a strong following on social media. Therefore, do try this out if you want a career as an influencer!


In conclusion, there is no College degree to become an influencer. However, as long as you are passionate and keep these 5 tips in mind you will make it someday!

Above all, we hope you enjoy your journey on social media. Do not be too worried about follower growth or like counts. Instead, connect with your followers and enjoy your influencer career journey.

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