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Getting Your Brand Recognised With KOL-Generated Content

Brand recognition is getting harder each day due to the sheer number of competing brands in the market and the fact that consumers are becoming more aware of what they are looking for, thus drowning out unnecessary noise. Even if you are successful in capturing their attention, the next challenge is to ensure that they stay throughout your content.

One way to catch and keep their attention is to let someone with that ability do the talking, such as a social influencer or a Key Opinion Leader (KOL). After all, their followers follow them religiously and are always eager to listen, read, or see what their favourite social media influencer posts next.

If you have not yet leveraged the potential of influencer marketing, specifically regarding content creation, read on to discover what you have been missing out on. As you will discover, it is really efficient and straightforward and will open many doors of significant opportunities.

What is KOL-generated content?

To summarise, KOL-generated content refers to any form of content, sponsored or non-sponsored, that a KOL or influencer posts, including a positive shoutout to your brand. They are able to bring to your marketing campaigns various content creation skills that can be employed across marketing channels, from your brand’s social media to your brand’s website.

If you think that it sounds similar to consumer-generated content, you are half correct. The distinct difference between consumer-generated and KOL-generated content is the online presence and weight an influencer has over a general consumer.

That being said, you do not have to partner with a KOL that has millions of followers. Depending on what your brand is targeting in its marketing campaign, a particular influencer tier might be a wiser choice than the other.

Why KOL-generated content?

The five following benefits that KOL-generated content has will clearly demonstrate why your brand should seriously consider such a KOL marketing strategy.


Consumers nowadays desire more authentic content. Hence, many social media platforms’ algorithms also reward user-centric content. Influencers, especially in the nano and micro tiers, generally interact with a smaller network of followers – Nano: 1,000 to 10,000 followers and Micro: 10,000 to 100,000 followers. While they do not have as wide a reach as the other influencer tiers, their interactions and content are typically viewed as more authentic.

So, it is essentially a win-win situation. Not only will you enjoy a boost in brand visibility and recognition, but you will also receive more authentic content.


Consumers tend to believe their favourite KOL and influencers rather than the content of the brand-sponsored or paid ads. Hence, if you want to gain credibility among your consumers, KOL-generated content is the way to go.


KOL-generated content is able to generate better engagement and impressions. Hence, content such as announcing a new product launch or content that is more time-sensitive gets more attention and reach easily.


On top of helping your brand get more sales, KOL-generated content can also help improve your brand’s search engine ranking. KOL-generated content has high-domain authority, which will help to drive more traffic to your brand website. This means that if they link their content to your brand site, it can also boost your domain authority.


KOL-generated content is more affordable and requires less time to generate. Additionally, if you are able to repurpose the post, it becomes even more lucrative.

Top tips for finding and working with KOLs

There are many avenues available for influencers and brands to collaborate, such as Instagram Collabs. You can only enjoy the benefits that KOL-generated content offers if you are able to find the right one to work with. Here are some tips that you can follow to help you start your search and how to maintain a healthy partnership.

  • Review their engagement rate: When considering the number of followers they have or their engagement rate, always choose their engagement rate. A million followers do not guarantee a high engagement rate with their content. Always observe how their followers engage with the content and vice versa. Also, the way the influencer or KOL responds to comments also tells you the interaction and connection they have with their followers.
  • Find someone who shares the same passion in your industry: Besides engagement rate, you also want to find an influencer or KOL who is passionate about the industry your brand is in. Not only will the content generally seem more authentic, but also it can be a potential long-term partnership.
  • Set clear expectations and brand guidelines: Consistency is crucial. When working with KOLs and influencers, ensure that proper guidelines and expectations are set in place so that the content does not clash with your brand’s typical style. Guidelines such as audience personas, use of hashtags, brand-specific language, tone and voice, and audience interactions must be included beforehand.


At the end of the day, it is always crucial to provide sufficient creative freedom to the KOL or influencer you partner with. With a strong foundation set in place, the partnership will not be a one-time-only event but one that could be long-term. This will, without a doubt, be beneficial to your marketing strategy in the long run.

Nevertheless, with a bit of effort and research, you will be able to discover the best-suited KOL and influencer for your brand. Whatever type of content you use, know that it can supercharge your marketing campaign. If you are interested in growing or developing your influencer marketing strategy and would like to outsource such tasks, then look no further than Kobe for a professional and experienced solution. You may do so by reaching us at today!