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Understanding The Fundamentals Of IG Paid Partnership

When you discover an Instagram post with a “paid partnership with XYZ” label, this means that the social influencer has worked with the brand XYZ and has been properly compensated for the post. This feature, which was introduced in June 2020, should not be confused with Instagram Collab, a feature that looks similar but is distinctly different.

Why was paid partnership created?

The paid partnership feature was created to enable the tracking of individuals and brands that may violate specific measures created by the US Federal Trade Commission. Such individuals may include KOLs and social media influencers that earn a living through Instagram.

Additionally, the feature opens up opportunities for brands to partner with influencers in advertising their product or service campaign through sponsored posts, thus expanding brand reach. Also, putting into consideration the influencer’s reach, brands are also able to access new potential consumers.

That is how effective utilising KOL marketing strategies can be, as more brands are discovered through the rising use of social media platforms, such as Instagram.

Benefits of IG paid partnership

There are lots of benefits to utilising IG paid partnership. Not only do brands enjoy the increased opportunity to reach larger scale audiences, but it offers a greater and more open communication avenue between brands and influencers. Here are some benefits of IG paid partnerships for brands, influencers, and audiences.

1. Brand benefit

Using IG paid partnership allows brands direct access to campaign tracking features, such as Insights, which allow brands to track the engagement the particular post is driving towards the brand. Such information is necessary for the campaign statistics, allowing you to be aware of the ROI, which will help you make better decisions for future influencer marketing campaigns.

2. Influencer benefit

Using IG paid partnership helps you to build a more trustable and transparent relationship with your followers. By doing so, you disclose to your followers which posts are sponsored. Additionally, you are also able to have access to more data, allowing you to make better decisions on the type of partners and brands you work with in the future. Also, with paid partnership posts, other similar brands will also be aware of your partnership activities, opening more doors for prospective sponsorships.

3. Audience benefit

The audience or the influencer’s followers are a core aspect of social media. Without them, brands and influencers will not exist. Through IG paid partnerships, the audience is kept in the loop. They are able to know which post is sponsored and whether the post is a genuine recommendation of the influencer.

In other words, IG paid partnership brings transparency and openness to the table, considering that Instagram is ensuring that they offer users valuable and beneficial services or products.

How to use the IG paid partnership feature?

If you are an influencer or brand trying to maximise the feature, we have provided specific information for both parties below.

1. Using IG paid partnerships for brands

First step: As soon as your brand has access to IG paid partnership, you must turn on the partner approval setting. In that setting, you are able to approve any influencer who has requested a partnership under the “Require approvals” button. Once approved, their post would have the “Paid partnership” label.

Second step: As soon as the post is live, the influencer will receive a notification of the approved partnership. If it is a partnered IG story, they will receive a notification through their message inbox.

Third step: Once the post has been up, you will be able to view organic insights on the Facebook page insights under the “Branded content” tab. You should also be able to view paid partnership insights in your Facebook Business Manager. Brands will only have 14 days to access campaign statistics, such as replies, tap backwards, tap forwards, and reach, whereas the influencer will have unlimited access to those same statistics.

2. Using IG paid partnerships for influencers

First step: If you are tagging the brand in your feed post, you need to look for the brand’s name. If they require partnership approvals, their brand will be greyed out. Tagging a brand in your partner post will disable cross-sharing on Facebook.

Second step: If you are tagging the brand in your story post, go to the toolbar icon once the story has been created. Tap on the link icon, and you will search for your partnered brand. Once you tap their profile, they will receive a notification in their inbox.

Why should creators use the IG paid partnership feature?

  • Opportunity to earn more: As soon as brands receive insights on the sponsored post, the influencer’s value increases, which will mean more collaboration opportunities and the ability to ask for a higher rate.
  • Gain more protection: As long as your post has the “paid partnership” label, you will be protected from the risk of getting into trouble with advertising law.
  • Get more recognition: You become a valuable asset to the brand as well as to Instagram. This means that you will also be recognised for providing users and brands with eye-catching content.


We have to accept the fact that influencer marketing will not be going anywhere and is here to stay. If you have yet to consider adopting such as strategy in your marketing campaigns, your brand will be left behind, especially as more consumers are making product purchasing decisions through social media.

With that being said, it is vital that you work with influencers or KOLs that fit with your brand value. Kobe is an influencer marketing agency that aims to fill the gap between brands and social influencers by being the middleman that connects the two together. With our experience with brands across various industries, we are confident to help you achieve the campaign success your brand is looking for. For more information on our services and past work, you may find out at today!