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GetKobe Product, GetKobe Software, GetKobe Intellectual Property, GetKobe Proprietary Software

By December 13, 2017October 18th, 2019No Comments

In the World of Doing Business

In influencer marketing, there are always a lot of social media sagas.

What about Getkobe saga? Have you heard of one?

Well, there is a possibility that you will see one Getkobe saga given that we are in the influencer marketing industry.

Of course, there are a lot of dramas that can happen, especially when doing a business.

When something happens, how do we know who is right and wrong in business?

How should we decide who is the one being unethical when social media backlash happens?

Who is the ultimate judge of right and wrong?

Everyone is afraid of online backlash, social media sagas, being called out as unethical, or wrongdoings. How could people have zero mistakes? Who here is perfect?

Using social media as a voice to get your opinions heard? Or to hurt others?

The internet has liberated voices of everybody – but also became a weapon for people to hurt others.

Before we all start making judgments about who’s wrong and who’s right – let’s first think back on ourselves.

Why does someone opt for social media or internet to point fingers?

  • Has this person tried to resolve conflict offline? If this person hasn’t, then…
  • Are the judgments one-sided?
  • If you see anyone pointing fingers, first – evaluate who this person is, what this person has as evidence?
  • And ultimately, what are the ill intents of surfacing things online?
  • Is it to bring down someone else, or pure internet shaming?

Perhaps it’s all about who’s not working well – and who’s pointing fingers.

Knowing Getkobe Product, Getkobe Proprietary Software, Getkobe Intellectual Property and Getkobe Software

What exactly is getkobe product, getkobe proprietary software, getkobe intellectual property, or getkobe software?

You might have heard of Getkobe’s Artificial Intelligence Platform. But do you know what is it and how it works?

Go ahead, try it out here.

We have devised a system for searching and analytics, supported with artificial intelligence—trusted by ‘000s of influencers’ and ‘00s of brands.

If you interested in knowing which brands we had worked with before, you can find it here.