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Most-Watched & Top Female Twitch Streamers To FollowTwitch is an interactive live-streaming platform for gamers to share live videos of them playing video games. While non-gamers may find it weird that people spend their time watching other people playing video games, their existing 140 million monthly active users beg to differ.

The key focus of the platform is games, though many stream other forms of content, such as podcasts and talk shows. Nevertheless, what makes Twitch unique is that it allows the streamer to interact with their followers in real time. They also are able to earn money through sponsorships, advertising, affiliate marketing, donations, and many other avenues.

While most Twitch streamers are majority male gamers, there are increasingly many female ones as well. In fact, female Twitch streamers are ideal brand partners looking to expand their reach or launch their KOL marketing strategy as they stand out in a platform that is dominated by men. And if you have not considered hiring content creators, now is the best time to do so.

Without further ado, here are some of the most-watched and top female Twitch streamers you should be following.

1. LuluLuvely (@LuluLuvely)


The 29-year-old American streams many different types of games on her Twitch account, such as Street Fighter 6, Apex Legends, and Counter-Strike. She is considered one of the most skilled and prominent FPS female gaming creators. She is nicknamed by the Apex Legends community as the “Queen of Apex”. Apart from gaming content, she also streams random videos of her daily life.

She is also active on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram under the same moniker – @LuluLuvely, sharing a mix of fashion, travel, gaming, and lifestyle-related content.

2. Bri (@storymodebae)

Top Female Twitch Streamers 2

Bri is a rising Twitch streamer only joining the platform at the start of 2018. She enjoys playing and streaming games such as Killer Frequency, Diablo 4, and Only Up! As mentioned earlier, women are considered a rarity in the male-dominated platform. Being a Black woman is another factor in Bri standing out from the rest as she extends that representation to other social media platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube, where she shares with her followers various game-related activities and her daily life.

3. Miku (@smolmikuu)

Top Female Twitch Streamers 3

Hailing from Japan, Miku is a gaming video creator who also works as a cybersecurity engineer. Her Twitch streams are mostly about her playing League of Legends, with her favourite character being Zed, as stated on her Twitch bio. Apart from being active on Twitch, she enjoys sharing her mirror selfies, in which she often shows off her impeccable fashion choice and figure. She certainly is the embodiment of beauty and brains.

4. Bianca Antisera (@BiancaAntisera)

Top Female Twitch Streamers 4

Bianca, most affectionately known by her followers as Bee, is a remarkable streamer who leads a dynamic life. Apart from streaming her playing popular games, such as Silent Hills and Overwatch 2, she works as a registered nurse and is also pursuing her studies in biophysics, talking about being multi-talented.

5. Jayla Thornton (@ninjayla)

Top Female Twitch Streamers 5

Ninjayla is a Twitch streamer known for playing mostly Apex Legends, though she does stream other games, such as Overwatch 2. Apart from posting her gaming content, she also works as a content creator for a popular professional esports team, Complexity. In 2021, she partnered with a couple of well-known female Twitch streamers in a panel discussion hosted by 1,000 Dreams Fund and JBL Quantum, where they talked about enlightening topics about female gamers, such as streaming safety tips and mental health.

Apart from Twitch, Jayla is also active on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, sharing a good mix of gaming and lifestyle-related content.


Partnering with female Twitch streamers can bring significant benefits to various brands. Not only do they have a wide and diverse range of engaged audiences, but they also have a strong influence, being able to draw in female audiences to the gaming community. If you are a gaming brand or a female-centric brand, then collaborating with female Twitch streamers is an ideal solution.

Here at Kobe, we are an influencer marketing agency with many years of matching brands and content creators. With several female Twitch streamers in Singapore, such as Supercatkei, Softkhor, and AyinMaiden, your brand can experience the same benefits when you partner with them. Contact our team to find out how our service can benefit you today!