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In the modern, fast-paced world, there has been an increased call for environmental protection. Hence, it has become a global trend for sustainability movements, with many brands and industries gearing towards a more sustainable future.

This is where eco-friendly influencers come in. Not only do they use their voice to encourage sustainability and change, but they are also genuinely passionate about what they do. With their reach and influence, they are able to inspire their followers and followers to do the same.

With that being said, here are five of the top eco-friendly influencers you have got to follow.

Eco-friendly Influencer #1: Lauren Singer (@thrashisfortossers)

Eco-Friendly Influencer 1

32-year-old Lauren Singer is an American blogger, entrepreneur, and environmental activist in the zero-waste movement. She is known for collecting every waste she has generated since 2012 in a mason jar. She is also the founder of two sustainable businesses, The Simply Co and Package Free. She uses Instagram and TikTok to share various tips and insights on adopting a zero-waste lifestyle. If you are someone who is interested to know what a zero-waste lifestyle is like, Lauren is the person to follow.

Eco-friendly Influencer #2: Kathryn Kellogg (

Eco-Friendly Influencer 2

Kathryn Kellogg is a well-known zero-waste movement spokesperson. Her written works have been featured on CNN, Guardian, and National Geographic. She founded Going Zero Waste, a lifestyle website that promotes a more sustainable and healthier living. Under the same moniker, she uses her Instagram and TikTok to share various tips and hacks on how individuals can adopt a more frugal and eco-friendlier lifestyle. For example, using wilted spinach to make pesto or bread that has gone stale to make croutons. She has certainly proven that living a frugal lifestyle does not mean living poorly.

Eco-friendly Influencer #3: Melissa Hemsley (@melissa.hemsley)

Eco-Friendly Influencer 3

37-year-old Melissa Hemsley is a bestselling cooking author, chef, and one of the sustainability champions in the UK. She is known for her use of leftovers to whip up delicious meals, proving that every ingredient has its uses. Her social media is filled with various recipes and little moments with her family. If you enjoy eating clean and cooking, she might just be your “best friend”.

Eco-friendly Influencer #4: Rob Greenfield (@robjgreenfield)

Eco-Friendly Influencer 4

36-year-old Rob Greenfield, who until February 2023 was known as Robin Greenfield, is an American adventurer and environmental activist. He is most known for his attention-grabbing tactics, as he was seen dressing in thrash in 2016. Through his Instagram, he shares various snippets of his adventures, using them to encourage people to live a healthier and happier life. In 2013, he cycled across America on a bamboo bicycle, spending 104 days to complete. In 2014, he went an entire year without showering to raise awareness about water consumption. If you are keen to know how a man can live such a clean and green life, follow him on his adventure on his Instagram.

Eco-friendly Influencer #5: Cat (@simpleishliving)

Eco-Friendly Influencer 5

Not much is known about the sustainability influencer, except she is from Brisbane and is well-regarded for her minimalist and low-waste lifestyle. Her well-curated Instagram feed is filled with ethical fashion, vegetarian recipes, and just random snippets into her daily life. If you want to get started in more sustainable and minimalistic living, we think Cat is the person to look up to.


In conclusion, sustainability would not have come this far without these top eco-friendly influencers. While they have certainly sped up the progress of sustainable living, more can be done. It is our turn as individuals to do our part for the environment.