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The Proper Way To Execute Instagram Contests With Example

By August 12, 2018July 9th, 2024No Comments

All about Instagram Contests 2018 with Examples


Related imageInstagram contests can be highly effective in boosting your brand presence with high engagement. Although an Instagram contest may be a fast track to building brand presence, there are also specific rules you (may not) know. 

What to include in your Instagram contest?

Here’s some Instagram contest Rules:

  1. Instagram contest is acknowledged as not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram
  2. Place the name of the company hosting the Instagram giveaway or contest
  3. Inform participants the dates the campaign will run, including time zone
  4. Include participation restrictions (such as age and location)
  5. Write clear guidelines on how to enter
  6. Winner selection method is outlined

You can find out more about the rules here.

Now that we are on the same page with what Instagram contest rules require of us, here’s some real instagram contest examples for analyses.

Instagram contest examples

Instagram app user interface photo

Acknowledge that the contest is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with Instagram

The company have noted that their instagram contest are not associated with Instagram at the last paragraph. 

Include the name of the brand/company hosting the Instagram Contest or Giveaway

This giveaway announcement is also easy to spot in the Instagram feed. They are also very clear with what they are giving away in this instagram contests 2018.

The dates the campaign will run, including the time zone

They have included the time zone and necessary information for results announcement and submissions.

Mention restrictions, for example,location and age

This instagram contests 2018 is also clear with the entry restrictions, including country and age. Interested participants know exactly of when the winner will be announced.

Include detailed guidelines on how to enter

Instructions are clear and (ranked by steps) on how people can enter.  

Describe how and when the winner(s) will be chosen

They did not add how they will determine the winner, and here’s something they lack. 


Hopefully these examples help you better understand the various Instagram contest rules, and how to utilize them to best effect within your own promotion.