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Influencer Branded Content: Instagram Paid Partnership Feature

By August 19, 2018July 8th, 2024No Comments

How to use Paid Partnership Instagram

Influencer marketing’s next big thing—now. Its effectiveness as an advertising tool is powerful on it’s own but the lack of transparency has become a very big concern. Instagram has stepped up its efforts to get on the right side of the issue—and also to preserve its own credibility as a marketing platform.

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Why now?

It’s important to remember that influencer marketing works because paid posts don’t generally feel like an advertisement. Influencers are trusted by their community of followers, and when they endorse something these followers take it as a authentic recommendation.

Instagram Paid Partnership Feature

In the past, before the introduction of the instagram paid partnership tag, influencers tag a branded post with #sponsored, #ad, #sp. These hashtags are included at the end of the caption, which means it’s up to the consumer to to the end to arrive at the truth.

Purpose of Instagram Hashtags

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Hashtags weren’t created for you to read them. They are a way to categorise posts so that users can find relevant interests easily. Since Instagram shows the first three lines of a caption by default, users have to tap “More” to see the entire caption.  There aren’t any enforceable laws or regulations around this authenticity debate. The only thing influencers are in danger of losing, is credibility with their audiences.

For clear and conspicuous branded influencer marketing content: New Instagram Paid Partnership Tag

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Therefore, by adding the “Paid Partnership with…” sub-header to a post (where the location tag is), IG has created its own internal and enforceable policy. This is good news for brands! More data which means better understanding of the performance and impact of sponsored posts.

Like we said, influencer marketing is big—and it’s getting bigger. Consider this move by Instagram to be part of the industry’s growing pains! Is it better news for consumers? Let us know what you think!