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How To Create The Perfect Hashtag To Boost Your BrandHashtag utilisation is one of the critical factors that make up for a successful marketing campaign. We often see them on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. But what are they used for? Hashtags are mainly used to filter content based on what they are. And many businesses are making use of them to help draw a larger audience.

As such, you must understand how to utilise them and, more importantly, how you can create one. Read on to learn the steps to creating the perfect hashtag that may magnify your band recognition.

Creating the perfect hashtag: Tip #1. Make it easy to remember

A rule of thumb when it comes to hashtags is that they are generally brief. Do not make it too complex as you would want your audience to be able to comprehend and remember your hashtag even just by seeing it once. In this case, the shorter, the better.

Moreover, try to think distinctively to make your hashtag stand out and avoid interference with another brand that may have the same hashtag or have a particular connection with an entirely different thing.

Creating the perfect hashtag: Tip #2. Maintain brand consistency

Many brands have failed in implementing their hashtags. Why? Mainly because it is irrelevant to their brand and message. Although many of them were clever, they were highly unrelated to the business. Hashtags are there to help consumers and audiences filter out what they want to see online.

As such, you would like your hashtag to be relevant to your brand to make it so that people will associate your business and its message appropriately. For instance, if you are a sportswear company, you may incorporate various exercises into your hashtag.

Creating the perfect hashtag: Tip #3. Convey a feeling

The most successful marketing campaigns often evoke human emotions that spark a certain feeling in the audience. But did you know this strategy also applies to hashtags? Unique hashtags “sway” emotions, attracting a larger audience and leaving a lasting impression.

Not only will it catch the audience’s attention, but they will also have a sentimental connection to it, which is enough motivation for them to share. Make your audience relate to it so that they may feel connected with your hashtag and, more importantly, your brand.

Creating the perfect hashtag: Tip #4. Drive engagements

Engagements make up for an established social media presence. And with a high engagement rate, your brand is most likely going to reach a vast audience. But the question is — how do you gain such interaction with just a hashtag? The answer is pretty simple; you integrate cleverness, maybe even humour, into your hashtag.

People love to participate in something funny, and your hashtag will spread like wildfire if appropriately executed. For instance, you may insert puns or even start a challenge through it. However, it is crucial to avoid jokes that may be offensive. It all goes down to how you will incorporate witty and friendly humour into your hashtag. In addition, you can make use of promotional social influencers to drive a wider reach and audience.

Creating the perfect hashtag: Tip #5. Do your research

Once you have already decided on your hashtag, do not stop there yet. Always proofread before posting, and make sure there are no other hashtags that may contradict yours. Furthermore, conduct your research to see whether your hashtag has been linked to any catastrophic events.

Read it again and again, and make some changes if you need to until you are sure it is perfect. You can even ask for feedback first before launching your hashtag. Doing so will save you from unnecessary backlash and bad PR.


As small and as overlooked as they are, hashtags play a significant role in a successful marketing strategy for your business. Take note of the tips mentioned above and give it your brand’s personal touch. Start creating your hashtags and make a long-lasting impact on your audience.