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5 Ways Influencers & Brands Can Partner On Instagram Collabs

Do you know about Instagram Collab? If you do not, it is probably the best time to include such a feature in your KOL marketing strategy. The feature lets users co-author the reels and posts, opening up many opportunities for brands and creators to target new audiences.

In this article, we will break down how to use the feature, its benefits, and collab ideas to get you started!

What is Instagram Collab?

Instagram Collab is a feature that allows users to invite one another to work together on a reel or feed post. Basically, what it means is that you can co-author the content with another Instagram user, and it will appear on both of your Instagram profiles.

While this feature has been created by Instagram primary for influencer-to-influencer use, brands have also begun using them to work with creators to promote their business and reach a wider pool of audience. With this feature, you will share comments, likes, and views, which opens up the door for you to engage and leverage with the other party’s followers, and vice versa.

How to create an Instagram Collab post?

1. Send an Instagram Collab request

Once you have created your feed post or reel, tap the “Tag People” option. At the bottom right corner, you will find the option “Invite Collaborator”, in which you can find and select the user or brand you had like to collaborate with.

Once you have selected your collaborator, you may share the post as normal, and the requested collaborator will receive a collab request in their DM. The post will not appear on their feed unless they have accepted the request. Do note that at any point, you can only collaborate with one partner on a post.

2. Accept a Collab request

If you have received a collab request in your DM, all you need to do if you want to collaborate with the influencer or user is to hit the “Accept” option, and the created content will appear on your feed as well.

3. Adding a collaborator after a post has been shared

Instagram Collab is unlike tagging a user. You can only send a Collab request before sharing the post. If you have forgotten to send a Collab request, you will have to delete and recreate the content. Hence, always double-check before sharing an Insta Collab post.

What are some benefits that influencers and brands can get from Instagram Collabs?

1. Expanded reach

Discoverability is one of the biggest perks Instagram Collabs offer. With a single post, influencers and brands are able to tap into each other’s followers, expanding audience reach significantly. For brands, partnering with an influencer in a Collab post introduces your product to new, potentially loyal customers. For influencers, collaborating with a brand or another influencer opens up opportunities for you to be discovered by more users.

2. Increased engagement

Collaborating with another influencer or a brand increases the opportunity to receive more comments, shares, saves, and likes, which means boosting engagement with new audiences and loyal followers. While seeing your follower count increase can be exciting, what is more crucial is your followers’ engagement. Instagram values high engagement as this means that users find value in your content and will, therefore, reward you by boosting your content.

3. Easier collaboration

Shared engagement indeed changes the social strategy of the app. It is also a huge relief from having to create multiple same contents. Hence, instead of having to create the same post for both profiles, brands and influencers can just use the Collab feature, streamline the sharing process, and post only once. Both parties are also able to track their engagement analytics without having to request the data physically. Mutual control means simplicity.

What are the 5 ways influencers and brands can use Instagram Collabs?

1. Business promotion

Influencer marketing is vital for brands to earn social proof, especially when targeting Gen Zs, a generation that relies heavily on their favourite influencers for product recommendations. To increase traffic to your website, your influencer marketing strategy should consist of finding and partnering with an influencer in a similar industry to be able to target the right demographic.

2. Host a product giveaway

Everybody likes free stuff. Giveaways are an ideal collaboration strategy between brands and influencers. Not only will it increase audience engagement, but they are also easy and fun to participate in. And if you want to show users your products’ legitimacy, partnering with a KOL with experience in your field is key!

3. New product launch

An Instagram Collab is a great way to increase word of mouth if you want to launch a new product.

4. Supporting a cause

Supporting a cause is a great way to humanise your brand, raise awareness, and communicate your values. Even better if your audience cares about it too! Using Instagram Collabs to partner with an influencer, or vice versa brings more value and attention to the cause you are supporting.

5. Start a trend or challenge

The rise in Insta reels, YouTube shorts, and TikTok has seen a number of trends and challenges that users jump on. Starting a trend or challenge is a fun way to create hype. With Instagram Collabs, you are able to reach more users who will participate in the challenge and share with their friends who might do the same.


Whether you collaborate in a giveaway or launch a new product, Instagram Collabs are a great way for brands to partner with influencers and KOLs. Both parties will enjoy double the enjoyment, views, and engagement.

Collaborating with an influencer or KOL is more than just partnering with famous influencers in Singapore. It is about partnering with the right individual with experience and knowledge in your field and who has the adequate amount of reach your brand needs. That is where Kobe steps in. With our experience in the field, we can help connect you to the right influencer or KOL to achieve optimal results.

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