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5 Local Influencers You Can Trust For Quality Tech ReviewsWith the advancement in technology, new products are being released every single day, making it hard to keep up-to-date with the latest offerings. So, where do you go if you want to upgrade your current tech set-up but do not know if what you are targeting is good per se?

Tech influencers are some of the most reliable individuals for tech recommendations and reviews. While there are many renowned international tech influencers, such as @mkbhd, @unboxtherapy, and @mrwhosetheboss, there are up-and-coming local tech influencers that you might not be familiar with.

In this article, we have compiled five tech social media influencers in Singapore you should be following.

1. Benjamin Ong aka @thericebucket

Benjamin Ong

With over 42.4K followers on Instagram, Benjamin specialises in desk set-ups, techs, and organisation reviews and recommendations. While he announced on his Facebook page at the end of 2021 that he would be going completely offline to spend more time with his loved ones, you can still scroll through his Instagram feed for well-curated and aesthetically seamless posts related to various tech product reviews and desk set-up ideas.

2. Julian Tay aka @juliantaytm

Julian Tay

Julian is probably one of the more well-known tech influencers in Singapore. While his Instagram page is now filled with a mix of different posts, including non-tech related, he is more known for his YouTube channel, @JulianTechTM, where he shares primarily tech-related content, from getting the latest iPhone 15 pro to building the fastest PC that money can buy. Most of his content is related to computers. So, if you are someone who is keen on building your own PC, then Julian is the person to follow.

3. Glenn Taubenfeld aka @glenntaubenfeld

Glenn Taubenfeld

If you are into consumer technology, such as keyboards and cameras, then you have to follow Glenn. With 7,145 followers on Instagram, Glenn would be what you will consider a nano influencer. However, despite being a budding content creator, he certainly has nailed it down in terms of curating his Instagram feed. Not only does each post’s colour scheme make his social feed appear aesthetically pleasing, but it is also really seamless and neat. His Instagram is where you can find short snippets of his reviews. However, if you want a more in-depth review, you can head to his YouTube channel under the same moniker, @GlennTaubenfeld.

4. Alex Teo aka @mralexteo

Alex TeoAccording to his Instagram bio, Alex, who is a full-time Automation Solution Engineer in a tech MNC, specialises in posting about everyday carry (EDC), desk set-up, and smart tech. While his Instagram page might not have as many followers, he is more well-known on his YouTube page, @AlexTeo, where he shares various comparison test reviews of home tech products. If you are looking to get a robot vacuum or make your home smarter, then he is the guy to follow for reliable recommendations.



ZXTECH is the only one on this list without an Instagram page. While his previous content had a lot of PC reviews, he released an update on the reason why he is not able to upload any more PC reviews. But fret not! You can still get tech recommendations, especially if you are looking for PC-related accessories, such as mouse, monitor, and graphic processors.


While the tech influencer scene might not be as established as overseas, it is still heartening to find that there are few individuals who, despite not being full-time content creators, are still passionate about creating content about their interests.

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