Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)

Our Fave Place SG

Before Kobe:

One of the national challenges URA faced is on how it can improve public places in Singapore. Additionally, it wants to Singaporeans to actively participants in its project.

After Kobe:

Micro influencers shared their experiences of interacting with URA projects, where they explored new and fun things around Singapore, or are keen to take on a project to activate public spaces.


49,636 outreach in 1 month!



“It was great working with Kobe! Kobe paired us with influencers based on our requirements and not only did Kobe hit the basic KPIs, they have over-delivered the outreach KPI by 30%. In just over a period of a few months, we have garnered over 400 posts based on the hashtags that were used for the campaign.”

– Dann Khoo, Executive Manager