Before Kobe:

Senescence was targeting individuals from the age of 30 & above, to optimize their mental performance and combat brain aging. On top of that, being a new health supplement in Singapore, they hope to not only raise brand awareness but brand credibility as well.

After Kobe:

As social media is more popular among the younger generation, we went in a different approach with Senescence’s branding. By engaging younger influencers to share their experience on how their parents or family members felt after trying the product, we are able start the word-of-mouth not only among the older, but younger generation as well!


227,965 Outreach and 7,063 Engagements


“This was our first time using Kobe and we very impressed throughout the entire process. Kobe’s knowledge, professionalism and attentiveness to our brand and messaging was evident throughout our campaign, and any questions we had were addressed in a timely manner. I would recommend Kobe for anyone looking to take the next step in boosting their online brand in a unique and effective way.”

– Chris

Director of Operations