Before Kobe:

Widely-known e-commerce platform, Qoo10 is looking out for more engagement with their target audience especially with their new delivery service and time-sensitive sales event.

After Kobe:

Qoo10 received a lot of awareness and engagement via the influencers that took up the campaign. This has also increased their interactivity with their target audience as they are curious to learn more about the sales event happening from the influencers’ postings.



867,018 outreach and 14,987 engagements



“It has been an enjoyable and great experience working with Kobe! We were familiar with the normal process of choosing influencers but Kobe provided us with perfect matches of profiles based on the themes that we provided.
Kobe also has an efficient service – fast turnaround time to any responses. In terms of the campaign, Kobe has managed to over hit the KPIs promised and also delivered more than 200% in terms of outreach. It has been a sincere and pleasant experience working with Kobe.”

– Serene Deng, Public Relations Executive