Remember how when you were young, you’ll always love it when the calender hits late January and your family starts hanging red decorations in your house?

Well it meant that Chinese New Year was just around the corner.

“Long holiday’s here!”

“Here comes my Ang baos!”

“Time for some 21 dian (blackjack)”

Yet looking back, don’t you feel that something was missing?

We tend forget why it’s called a REUNION dinner on CNY eve. That this is the time where families come together and celebrate this bond that we all hold so dearly. 

Yet we let ourselves get caught up in the Chinese New Year festivities.


So for CNY 2018, we decided to include this thought our campaign for Fragrance. Here’s what we did:

  • Family-oriented Direction

Fragrance’s vision has always been to create smiles and happy moments with every bite. They have also been a strong family brand throughout the years.

Building on this brand image, we crafted up a family-oriented angle for our influencers.

This allowed our influencers an opportunity to create a conversation, whilst bonding over Fragrance’s Bak Kwa.

  • Sharing personal experience

With this angle, our influencers thoroughly enjoyed Fragrance’s products and allow them to believe in the brand. They then took to Instagram to not only share about their genuine thoughts about Fragrance, but also the smiles of bonding among their family.

  • Post Campaign Review

We garnered a massive 2,032,490 outreach and 47,832 engagements. But more importantly, our influencers got to bond and we created smiles all around. They were also able to spread the message about spending family time this CNY.