Our Products

Strategic Focus:

  • Your time is precious, so spend it wisely strategizing on your brand and its marketing channels. Leave the groundwork to Kobe.
    • Sourcing: Finding relevant, engaging, high-reach influencers can be both time consuming and inaccurate. However, Kobe is able to replace the conventional ways of eyeball/hashtag search with technology.
    • Engaging: Taken aback by the whole process of having to approach, negotiate and manage experiences with brands? Not forgetting having to explain what’s required and getting posts composed and edited? Kobe manages all of this for you with 0% management fees. You simply get a link to view, vet, reschedule and rate the post.
    • Measuring: After the campaign, you consolidate the results, views, engagements across blogs, Facebook and Instagram etc. You calculate the total results. Kobe consolidates, benchmarks against initial targets, provides recommendations and analyse how to work better through a full 1-hour face to face review session with a compiled deck on all influencers posts for your convenience and record keeping

Expertise and Experience: 

  • You are the champion of your brand, products and services – and we are the champion of us.
    • We eat, drink, live, breathe social media influencers and are in the best position to manage at the best efficiency, resolve conflicts (when they happen) and make sure your objectives get delivered to you in the swiftest manner.
    • We have managed over 100 campaigns, 4,000 influencers and thousands of posts. That’s why we can smell a good or bad influencer or post from a mile away. This is the reason why you would prefer to have an expert help you out. Similar to why you rather someone who is an expert to wash your car rather than doing it yourself – its cleaner because it is done by experts with washing solutions. Furthermore, you can better allocate your time spent into doing something else more meaningful.


  • We have over 4,000 influencers on our side ready to be activated anytime.
    • To them, Kobe = many clients
    • To them, you = 1 client
    • They like to work with us because we know how to manage them, plus it just makes more business sense for them. And yes, we get better rates too, that’s why we charge 0% management fees and pass on the savings to you!

What sets Kobe apart

  • A patented technology that delivers RELEVANT influencers (not macro, celebrity nor micro, but relevance is key)
  • We have the widest reach in Singapore, the most awards won in 1 year, extensive media coverage and trusted by 100 over brands, with more than 4,000 influencers working with us
  • Tied by KPIs of reach and engagement, you will never have to run a disappointing campaign. At Kobe, we start the campaign with an end goal in mind – to deliver awesomeness.