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Are you a brand looking to enter the Philippines market? Or perhaps you are just an individual interested in knowing some of their influencers. Well, look no further, as we have got you covered! We have picked some of their top TikTok influencers that you should keep your eyes out for.

In case you did not know, TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the Philippines. With a wide range of unique content from visual arts and gaming to beauty and fashion, it is no surprise that these Filipino TikTokers have taken the nation by storm, making them the ideal collaborative partners for brands looking to launch their influencer marketing campaigns in the Philippines.

Filipino TikToker #1: Rojean Delos Reyes

Rojean Delos Reyes

Rojean Delos Reyes is a gamer and Twitch streamer under Tier One Entertainment, Asia’s leading entertainment and esports brand. With more than 759 thousand followers on TikTok, she shares a variety of content ranging from gaming to trendy dance challenges. Not only is she active on TikTok, but she is also active as a content creator on Instagram and YouTube, garnering over 329 thousand followers and 76 thousand subscribers, respectively, where she shares other types of content, such as anime, travel, and lifestyle.

Filipino TikToker #2: Haide Zhang

Haide Zhang

Haide Zhang is a social media personality and TikToker with over 3.3 million followers. Her range of content includes family-related, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. Known for her love for sneakers, especially Nike, she has co-founded KS Original, a Philippine sneakers maintenance brand, as well as Cloudbeauty, a Philippine cosmetic brand. Apart from her TikTok and business ventures, you can also find her on Instagram, where she shares content related to streetwear and anime with her 221 thousand followers.

Filipino TikToker #3: Nicole Nicolas

Nicole Nicolas 

Care to know what goes behind the scenes as a flight attendant? Look at Nicole Nicolas’s TikTok page. With over 4.2 million followers, the Cebu Pacific stewardess and influencer shares various content, ranging from airline inside scoops, trendy dance challenges, travel vlogs, beauty hacks, and skincare routines. We can definitely see why she is so popular, especially when she is able to look fresh and sleek despite being up in the air for prolonged periods. Apart from TikTok, she is also active on Instagram, where she shares with her 81.5 thousand followers curated content more lifestyle-related.

Filipino TikToker #4: Kuya Show

Kuya Show

Kuya Show, most popularly known as Show Suzuki or by his original name Tetsuhiro Suzuki, is a Filipino TikToker, social influencer, voice-over actor, model, as well as radio DJ and host. Born in Japan, the Japanese-Filipino is known for creating TikTok content related to his mixed heritage as well as various challenges that his 4.9 million followers have posed him. Apart from that, he loves posting about his Chow Chow and is a huge advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, frequently posting about his boyfriend.

Filipino TikToker #5: Spencer Serafica

Spencer Serafica

With over 15.1 million followers on TikTok, Spencer Serafica is one of the most influential Filipino TikToker in the nation. Known for his comedic content, Spencer is popular for portraying day-to-day events that most Filipino households can relate to in a humorous manner. He does so through skits, mini vlogs, and lip-synch videos. If you are looking for a laugh, then Spencer is the influencer to follow. Apart from TikTok, he is also an accomplished influencer on Instagram with over 217 thousand followers.


This list introduces 5 of the top Filipino TikTokers that we think you might want to keep an eye on. Do check out TikTok to find out more about many other Filipino TikTokers who are active content creators.