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COVID-19: HOW a pandemic changes the marketing game

In 2020, a global pandemic has resulted to the fall of offline marketing and the rise of online marketing. So how has marketing changed because of COVID-19? This comprehensive whitepaper will provide you with the information that you need to know everything about marketing during COVID-19 and the strategies to look out for after COVID-19. Download your COVID-19 Marketing Strategies whitepaper now!

COVID-19 Marketing Strategies

COVID-19: How Pandemic Changes The Marketing Game

influencer marketing

The data shows that usage of social media platform has increase by 40% and the engagement on sponsored content and brand promotion will see a significant increase.

selling online

Even if everyone stays at home, consumers still need to shop. Get immediate conversion as you can now sell your products via live streaming on social media platforms.

online content creation

People spend more time on Internet, which is a good opportunity for you to create online content to engage with your consumers.

seo and google paid ads

Make sure you brand can be found on Google Search when your consumers are looking for your products or services. Especially if your brands are related to COVID-19.

Marketing During COVID-19

If you are looking for COVID-19 marketing strategies or want to do more marketing during COVID-19, this is the whitepaper you should be downloading. In this COVID-19 marketing whitepaper, we covered the current marketing trends that arise due to COVID-19. You will be able to learn about influencer marketing strategy, using social media to sell and many more. 

More importantly, it will also give you the marketing trends to consider after COVID-19 has ended. Things will not be the same anymore. If you are not prioritising online and digital marketing strategy, your brand will be on the losing end. Marketing during COVID-19 should not take a pause, especially when many consumers are spending their time online. This is an good opportunity to still engage with them despite the closing of offline operation. 

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