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A Personal Care Influencer Marketing case study | Personal Care on Social Media


As the saying goes, health is wealth.

Health is a universal right of every single human being.

It is the greatest gift of life.

At the same time, it can be as fragile as glass

There really is no fixing once broken


Therefore, we wanted to shed light on how crucial it is to take care of oneself.


While we like worker ants hustle around our daily lives, meeting the endless expectations thrown at us, health should still remain a priority amidst these relentless demands of life.


In 1930, a young man discovered Rauwolfia serpentina, the root of a plant. He then went on to start a company incorporating such herbs into his products. Today, people know this company as Himalaya, who has brought 300 million health care products to the homes of many.


At the heart of the Himalaya mission is the belief that good health should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, a good variety of influencers were chosen for this campaign, to place emphasis on including everyone in the quest for good health.

The glow of good health

With each passing year, new personal care brands emerge, eliminating the old. In accordance with these changes, consumers are likewise switching up their purchase routine. Not to mention the stiff competition among existing players in the personal care industry, making it hard to distinguish one from the endless shelves of products.


Therefore, in light of these quick consumer changes, to incorporate Himalaya’s product as part of consumers ‘daily must haves’ required a strategic direction. Instead of flooding social media feeds with the Himalaya logo, Himalaya’s campaign took a less conventional move.


Images of home made turmeric lattes and smoothies were shared to capture the attention of gourmets. Beauty influencers shared pictures of their self made turmeric masks while fitness influencers expanded on the health benefits of this super-food to attract fitness fanatics. What do these postings all have in common? Turmeric.


This was not to be confused with a turmeric advertisement. Instead the strategy was to ride the hype of turmeric as a super-food to help bring awareness to Himalaya products.


The masks and recipes served to highlight the similar health effects Himalaya products can bring. At the same time, this novel way of promoting a brand revitalized traditional social media campaigns, garnering the eyeballs of a number.

And this was how Himalaya was incorporated into social media. In the hopes that social media users will make use of their newfound knowledge. To start taking steps to pursue a healthy lifestyle. To take the wheel in their lives and start practicing good self care habits.


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