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Led By Experts, Enabled By Technology

Kobe Proprietary Tool - IMS

What is it?
A tool to for creator selection and measurement, audience understanding and segmentation, content performance and analysis, workflow and scalable creator communication, 

What data is studied for pairing and optimization? 

Creator’s Audience Data
1) Audience Age
2) Audience Gender
3) Audience Location
4) Audience Interests 

Creator’s Performance Data
1) Brand’s content rating
2) Previous save rate
3) Previous share rates
4) Average watch time 
5) Total watch time
6) Accounts reached
7) Previous link clicks/sticker taps
8) Replies
9) Work Ethics

Creator’s Profile Data
1) No. of Followers
2) Engagement Rate
3) Posting Activity Frequency and Recency
4) Content Format Strength (Video, Photos, livestream etc.)
5) Brand Fit (loves this brand, hates that brand etc.)
6) Style Fit (hype beast, on-the-go, street interview etc.)
7) Demographics (Age, Gender, Location)
8) Interests (Food, Fashion, Fitness, Pets etc.)
9) Hyper-location (Punggol, Stay near East etc.)
10) Occupation (Business Owner, Expat etc.)
11) Stage of life (Parent, Pregnant, First Jobber etc.)
12) Exclusions (Scandal, Profanity, Unhealthy image)

Engaged more than

30k+ Content Creator

Our Clients

And Hear What They Have To Say

“Kobe has the system to help automate…”

“They understood why we wanted to do this.”

“Traction and building up of momentum was really good…”

“They always dare to explore and try different things…”

Case Studies

Resulted in 6M Reach and 10M Views

Achieved more than 160,379 Saved

Exceeded Outreach target by 113%

Engagement rates surpassed targets by 269%

Past Seminars & Workshops

Media Release

Evangeline Leong, the founder of Kobe, served as one of the judges for the “Streamers Go Live” show, offering her expertise & insights to evaluate the emerging star-live streamers.

Evangeline Leong spoke on Singapore’s 89.3FM about how Kobe Technologies revolutionized the influencer marketing realm.

Evangeline Leong shared with Channel News Asia on the topic of content virality on social media platforms.

About Us

Kobe (KǒuBēi)’s AI-driven influencer system, backed by 7 years of expertise, prioritizes the real game-changer:The Audience. With 14M+ creators and 600M+ audience data, we’re not just about influencers or brands, but their intersection. Harnessing the skills and credibility of content creators to amplify messages and engage followers, Kobe has engaged 30k+ creators, 500+ brands and brought life to 7 award-winning campaigns by prioritising results, scalability and efficiency through our 8-country patented AI influencer management system. With 30 team members across 6 Southeast Asian regions, we’re partners with TikTok and Meta, and are  part of a global network spanning 19 locations, poised to drive growth in new markets.


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