July 2019

5 insider secrets influencers want you to know | Influencer Guide

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Influencers. Considered to be one group of people that have a strong persuasive power over the online population. Influencer marketing refers to the use of influencers to market a product or brand. Influencers refer to social media users who have the ability to influence the decisions and shape the perception of others online. Influencers are [...]

October 2018

Tips for Influencer Marketing: Do’s and Don’ts

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How to do Influencer Marketing 2018 Influencer marketing 2018 including tips for influencers or tips for influencer marketing is important for a quick way to gain exposure. But before you rush to plan your next influencer marketing strategy for the next campaign, this influencer marketing do's and dont's tip is worth a read. The DO'S 1. [...]