May 2019

Macro & Micro Influencers, which Influencers to work with?

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Which Influencer should I work with for the best results? ‘How should I decide on which influencers to work with’ is one of the most common questions we get. Well, the disappointing answer is that there is no set rule/definition. That being said, the most fundamental step when it comes to selection of influencers would [...]

September 2018

Working With Mega Influencers

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What is a mega influencer Understanding what is a mega influencer is important. They are a kind of macro influencers that are often difficult to partner with because they are in high demand. The situation gets complicated with large commercial deals involving management teams and critical stakeholders. They are significantly more expensive than micro influencers and [...]

July 2018

Guide to Influencer Marketing 2018

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Despite the immense growth of the industry, this year, we’ve seen the majority of collaborations go to the top 1% of influencers.  Of course, Influencer Marketing definitely isn't new, but don’t expect this trend to stop any time soon either.  Another trend that has emerged is the kind of reach that micro-influencers have. In this [...]