March 2019

Calling all the fashionistas out there!

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Your sure drool Instagram fashion guide Fashion. A topic that a 7 year old can have in common with a 70 year old. Fashion is timeless. Apart from its functionality, it can be a medium for our creativity, to express ourselves with the different combinations of colours patterns and design. Today’s article is the 2nd [...]

October 2018

Influencer marketing: How to pay instagram influencers

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Influencer Marketing 2018: How to pay instagram influencers for influencer marketing? Instagram influencers are highly popular as the heat is on for influencer marketing. How do we separate good influencers from the bad? This is important as 48% of marketers are still experimenting with incorporating influencers into their marketing. Hence this shows that the trust in [...]

July 2018

How Much Does Social Media Influencer Marketing Cost on instagram and youtube?

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Want to try influencer marketing campaigns, yet not quite sure about the costs? We have got your back. We have to say, that first, there's no exact answer to this, but there's some guides. There are more help out there than you know. We have collated some and will be sharing these below, let's go! [...]

June 2017

Instagrammers vs Marketers

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How to Market your Business Why Instagrammers Can Be Better Than Your Marketers Every company or business has its own marketing team comprised of people who call themselves marketers. But, no matter how great they are in their job, still there are times when they are not capable of producing quality results for every marketing [...]

May 2017

How effective is Instagram Marketing?

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Are you using Instagram Marketing for your business? For anyone involved in managing a business today, marketing is obviously vital to you, particularly social media marketing. To get high engagement, you need to be able to make the right impact and present in the correct manner. That, naturally, can be quite a challenging thing to [...]

January 2017

Micro Influencer Marketing

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  If you are an internet marketing wizard, you would have probably heard of influencer marketing in Singapore. These influencers include a mix of celebrities, YouTube stars and bloggers. If influencer marketing is becoming too mainstream for you, you might want to consider micro influencers to achieve online success as they are more effective and reliable. Micro Influencer [...]