April 2019

Top 5 Influencer Marketing ROI you need to know | Influencer Marketing

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The average person has a total of 5.54 social media accounts, spends 116 minutes on social media each day.  With 1.7 billion users on social media, advertisers and brands are beginning to shift their attention to this new phenomenon. However, what can we expect from social media marketing, or more specifically influencer marketing? Will engaging [...]

January 2019

Marketer’s Challenges at Influencer Marketing Results

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Impact of influencer marketing Yield influencer marketing results by overcoming brand marketing challenges. Experience the impact of influencer marketing now with recommendations from trusted source. Marketers and audiences alike have been captivated by influencers on social media. Who doesn't want recommendations from trustworthy sources? And what brand doesn't want to be the one recommended by [...]

The Effect of Influencer Marketing 2018 on Consumer

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Influencer Marketing Delivers Significant ROI for Marketers Influencer marketing 2018 is over with amazing influencer marketing results! Here's some influencer marketing facts that will throw you off... While it’s not easy to do well, without question influencer marketing can deliver significant ROI for marketers. People trust the people they trust, and when people they trust [...]