January 2019

5 considerations before you execute influencer marketing instagram strategy

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Which Influencer Marketing Platform? Influencer marketing companies work on influencer marketing platform, especially influencer marketing instagram to gain exposure and consumers trust. You should not rush into influencer marketing without planning.  This is particularly the case if you are envisaging paying influencers for their services. Influencer marketing instagram can take up considerable time, so you [...]

October 2018

How to start an influencer marketing campaign

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Influencer Marketing Campaigns Creative influencer campaigns is challenging in influencer marketing campaign. How to start an influencer marketing campaign? With the help of influencer marketing companies may be the solution, but here's some breakdown of other solutions. Authenticity is key Authenticity is arguably the most important criterion in an influencer marketing campaign. Here's some questions [...]

August 2018

The benefits of Social Media Influencer Marketing

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Social Media Influencer Marketing Influencer marketing may be the popular choice now among marketers, but to win, you have to do it right. But of course, you might be able to leverage on these social media influencers. Need some influencer marketing ideas? Here's some help! Not sure how to do social media influencer marketing right? Here's a guide!  [...]

July 2018

Micro influencer campaign and how to find micro-influencers?

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Think micro-influencers We all know that influencer marketing is really gaining traction among marketers. But now, bigger isn’t always better. Larger influencer accounts help brands gain exposure and increase awareness, but if the influencer does not represent the brand well, it defeats the entire purpose of holding an influencer marketing campaign.  Mega influencers are usually [...]