May 2019

3 Steps to ace your Influencer Marketing Game | Kobe

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Did you know that Google searches for Influencer Marketing grew 1500% over 3 Years? With the rise in popularity of digital marketing, influencer marketing has likewise experienced an increase in take up rate. In fact, influencer marketing is at the forefront of it. (The influencer marketing industry would most probably be worth 10 billion by [...]

September 2018

How to become the top Influencer Marketing Agencies

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Influencer Marketing Agencies Top influencer marketing agencies including influencer marketing agency uses influencer marketing platform to maximise their capabilities. However, more and more brands are choosing to do influencer marketing themselves. What about companies with a tight budget or time? Fortunately, social media influencer companies help brands and marketers with influencer marketing. And they do it [...]

Tips to plan your next creative influencer campaigns

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Creative Influencer Campaigns Firstly: Instagram is a popular influencer marketing platform where influencers and users can express themselves by sharing photos along with captions. For many businesses, Instagram is a meaningful opportunity to generate communicating opportunities. Shockingly, many organisations have yet to really understand the influencer marketing function, so one shortcut is to work with [...]

August 2018

11 ways to crafting creative influencer campaigns

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Creative influencer campaigns? For many different types of businesses, Instagram is a meaningful opportunity to generate new customers or to better engage with existing customers. They either partner with influencer marketing agency to develop creative influencer campaigns or do social media influencer marketing themselves. Compared to other platforms, brands that post content on Instagram receive 15 [...]

July 2018

Elements of a successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

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Influencer marketing campaign Influencer marketing involves using key brand advocates to drive your message to the larger market in an organic way.  In recent years influential marketing has undergone large expansion and is redefining marketing. More name brand companies are turning to social media influencers to create more authentic storytelling. The new word of mouth: [...]

June 2017

Instagrammers vs Marketers

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How to Market your Business Why Instagrammers Can Be Better Than Your Marketers Every company or business has its own marketing team comprised of people who call themselves marketers. But, no matter how great they are in their job, still there are times when they are not capable of producing quality results for every marketing [...]

May 2017

How word of mouth marketing benefits SME

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Different Types of Marketing Why is word of mouth marketing most effective In business today, the importance of using the right kind of marketing has become more apparent than ever. Far from the immense simplicity of marketing in the past, today we can have almost too many choices. Particularly in the digital marketing arena. One [...]

How effective is Instagram Marketing?

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Are you using Instagram Marketing for your business? For anyone involved in managing a business today, marketing is obviously vital to you, particularly social media marketing. To get high engagement, you need to be able to make the right impact and present in the correct manner. That, naturally, can be quite a challenging thing to [...]

March 2017

Influencer Marketing Platform

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How to Start an Influencer Marketing Campaign Influencer Marketing Platform To amplify content, we all know that influence marketing is the best way to do so. How do you kickstart your influence marketing journey? Try out these easy to use and inexpensive influencer platform : 1. Viral Nation Viral Nation is a global influencer marketing [...]

Coming Up With Good Content for Content Marketing

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Guide to Up your Marketing Game Evergreen Content, Engaging External Marketing Agency etc.. Previously we talk about content marketing and its benefits. Let's take a step further and find out some tips and tricks to help you ace your content marketing game! DO NOT BE A COPY CAT! You need to come up with engaging content that [...]