March 2019

Calling all the fashionistas out there!

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Your sure drool Instagram fashion guide Fashion. A topic that a 7 year old can have in common with a 70 year old. Fashion is timeless. Apart from its functionality, it can be a medium for our creativity, to express ourselves with the different combinations of colours patterns and design. Today’s article is the 2nd [...]

pitfalls of influencer marketing

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Potential Pitfalls for influencer marketing   For any business, marketing is the key to survival. Yet, marketing is no longer like it was in your grandfather’s day. With the rise of technology, there are many more ways to get the word out. One of those strategies is using influencer marketing. Do read this article to [...]

Calling all the foodies out there!

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Your sure drool Instagram food guide Whether you eat to live, or live to eat, the below is a guide of Instagram food accounts that certainly deserve a follow in Singapore. A little disclaimer, this is not a comprehensive guide, just a general list of accounts that could possibly be labelled as 'best food influencers 2019'! [...]

Why is influencer marketing important?

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What is the importance of influencer marketing? The rise of social media around the world has revolutionized the way we communicate and share information. Not only in our personal life, but the applications of social media have entered the world of business. Marketing through social media channels is the new trend, and many companies are [...]

What is social media influencer marketing?

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What is Social media influencer marketing? Social media has always been known for its ability to connect people from all over the world. So what how does it relate to digital marketing? What is social media marketing? In the past few years, there has been an influx of post on sites like Facebook and Instagram. [...]

February 2019

Influencer Marketing gone wrong?

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Social Media Influencer Marketing Gone Wrong? There are many instances where brands worked with the wrong influencer and it led down to many consequences. However, you might think "Aren't influencers just here to promote brands? What can go wrong?". Here are 2 bad Influencer Marketing examples: The first example is quite a popular topic in [...]

January 2019

How to make your audience trust your Influencer Marketing content?

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Influencer Marketing Content Basics are very important Influencer marketing is a product of many content-driven campaigns that have characterised the digital era up to this point. It capitalises on the social media followership of an ‘influencer’ who is usually an authority on a particular niche. Hence, influencers are potential consumers themselves. Measure your results The [...]

Reasons why influencer marketing is important

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Keys to why influencer marketing is important Influencer marketing insights to why influencer marketing is important, plus highlighting some influencer marketing challenges that are common. For example, a marketer crafts the most jaw-droppingly awesome message in the world. But if no one ever sees or hears it, it's useless and worths nothing. Quality content needs [...]

How effective is Influencer Marketing 2018?

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Goodbye Influencer Marketing 2018 How true is influencer marketing effectiveness based on these influencer marketing facts for influencer marketing 2018? Here, let's breakdown the channel/ platform. Whether it’s offline or online, the founding principles of honesty and transparency should remain the same. This brings us to the next point... Growing desire for authenticity Where celebrity [...]

Instagram algorithm 2019 hiding your posts?

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Instagram algorithm 2019 hiding your posts? Instagram algorithm 2019 is no different from new instagram algorithm 2018 in the past. The instagram algorithm change 2018 is hard to ...  Instagram is once again trying to reassure users that its algorithm isn't actively "hiding" posts from people. Instagram issued a rare rebuttal to a meme criticism of [...]