January 2019

Social media trends for influencer marketing 2019

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Influencer Marketing 2019 is here Develop your scoring influencer marketing strategy for influencer marketing 2019 with our influencer marketing examples. First word of mouth marketing has been growing throughout 2018... It’s the time of the year again! And here's some influencer marketing examples that will help you stay ahead of the game for influencer marketing 2019. [...]

Double your reach with micro-influencers marketing examples

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Influencer Marketing Instagram Influencer marketing examples specifically for influencer marketing instagram. Here we are focusing on micro-influencers on how word of mouth has always been one of the best ways. While it is hard to get everyday people to talk about a particular product, getting a group of say 100 people to mention a product [...]

Developing Strategy for Influencer Marketing 2019

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Approaching Influencer Marketing 2019 Influencer marketing strategy for influencer marketing 2019 with influencer marketing examples that will bring your strategies to greater heights. That presents a challenge to marketers who have been doing it for a while. Sure, you might have a network that’s engaged with your content you can rely on to help promote, [...]

5 considerations before you execute influencer marketing instagram strategy

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Which Influencer Marketing Platform? Influencer marketing companies work on influencer marketing platform, especially influencer marketing instagram to gain exposure and consumers trust. You should not rush into influencer marketing without planning.  This is particularly the case if you are envisaging paying influencers for their services. Influencer marketing instagram can take up considerable time, so you [...]

Marketer’s Challenges at Influencer Marketing Results

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Impact of influencer marketing Yield influencer marketing results by overcoming brand marketing challenges. Experience the impact of influencer marketing now with recommendations from trusted source. Marketers and audiences alike have been captivated by influencers on social media. Who doesn't want recommendations from trustworthy sources? And what brand doesn't want to be the one recommended by [...]

The Effect of Influencer Marketing 2018 on Consumer

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Influencer Marketing Delivers Significant ROI for Marketers Influencer marketing 2018 is over with amazing influencer marketing results! Here's some influencer marketing facts that will throw you off... While it’s not easy to do well, without question influencer marketing can deliver significant ROI for marketers. People trust the people they trust, and when people they trust [...]

December 2018

For New Influencers: 7 Influencer categories to consider

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Influencer Categories Unsure of which influencer category to start off in? There are many types of Influencer categories in this Influencer marketing industry and for influencers that just started to hop into this career path, it might be confusing as to which one suits you more. Thus, this article will help you make your decision [...]

Influencer Marketing: Should Brands Partner with Advocates or Influencers for Success?

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Who can be an influencer? Influencer marketing instagram with influencer marketing examples for you to build a successful influencer marketing strategy... Influencers might be celebrities, bloggers or pundits who have the ability to effect a behavioral change in others by mentioning a specific brand. They are sometimes driven by the offer of a free sample [...]

How to Encourage Sharing of Influencer Marketing Instagram Posts

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Influencer Marketing Instagram Instagram influencers are key to social media influencer marketing. The one platform is usually on influencer marketing instagram where... When it comes to Influncer Marketing Instagram the most important metric you need to focus on is your followers. But you don’t want to have just any kind of follower, anyone can buy [...]

How to Make Influencer Marketing Instagram Content Trustworthy?

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Influencer Marketing is everywhere Enhance your influencer marketing strategy with key influencer marketing examples and exclusive influencer marketing instagram starts from... Business Insider predicted spending for it will rise from an estimated $7.9 billion in 2015 to $21 billion in 2018. Influencer Marketing is a form of paid media and user experience. But is it [...]

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