A Family Fragrant Look Back – Fragrance Bak Kwa

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Remember how when you were young, you'll always love it when the calender hits late January and your family starts hanging red decorations in your house? Well it meant that Chinese New Year was just around the corner. "Long holiday's here!" "Here comes my Ang baos!" "Time for some 21 dian (blackjack)" Yet looking back, don't [...]

BATA – Vivo City

BATA Vivo City Before Kobe: Bata has a new concept store and they would like to create awareness among its target audience using social media. After Kobe: Other than just creating awareness for its new concept store, there are also many influencers who started to approach Bata for collaboration. Hence, this gave Bata an opportunity to expand its [...]

Metro – Metro Card

Metro Membership card Before Kobe: CentrePoint’s departmental store Metro experienced difficulty in maintaining high human traffic. Hence, it had to do something to increase its human traffic. After Kobe: To target the different demographics of people, Metro implemented various marketing strategies. This allowed shoppers at different sections of the departmental store to have a different [...]