A Family Fragrant Look Back – Fragrance Bak Kwa

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Remember how when you were young, you'll always love it when the calender hits late January and your family starts hanging red decorations in your house? Well it meant that Chinese New Year was just around the corner. "Long holiday's here!" "Here comes my Ang baos!" "Time for some 21 dian (blackjack)" Yet looking back, don't [...]

Delifrance – Mothers and Fathers Day

Delifrance Mothers and Fathers Day Before Kobe: In conjunction with Mother's Day and Father's Day, Delifrance had launched their seasonal cakes for these two occasions. They are the Green Tea Mousse cake and Tiramisu cake. Not only did they hope to drive the sales of the cakes, but also become a top choice when getting a [...]

Granny’s Secret – Yikowei

Granny's Secret Yikowei Before Kobe: Having a strong presence in the Chinese community, Yikowei is looking to tap into the Malay community with their pineapple tarts, just in time for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. After Kobe: There were creative ways that the influencers did to promote the pineapple tarts for this campaign. In conclusion, not only [...]

Yue Hwa Chinese Product Emporium – Yue Hwa

Yue Hwa Chinese Product Emporium Yue Hwa Before Kobe: Yue Hwa is a brand name that is strong among the senior population. Currently, it is looking to reach out to the younger target audience, as this is the population with the upcoming spending power. After Kobe: Yue Hwa definitely created a strong social media presence after [...]

Nature’s Superfoods – Nature’s Superfood

Nature's Superfoods Natures Superfoods Before Kobe: Targeting a niche target audience, Natures Superfoods are not aware of another group of potential target audience. Nature's Superfoods was finding out ways to engage their target audience online as well. After Kobe: Besides their usual target audience, Nature's Superfoods has managed to gain awareness from a new target [...]