A Family Fragrant Look Back – Fragrance Bak Kwa

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Remember how when you were young, you'll always love it when the calender hits late January and your family starts hanging red decorations in your house? Well it meant that Chinese New Year was just around the corner. "Long holiday's here!" "Here comes my Ang baos!" "Time for some 21 dian (blackjack)" Yet looking back, don't [...]

Ban Choon Marketing – HiPP Organic Milk

Ban Choon Marketing HiPP Oganic Milk Before Kobe: Ban Choon has been strong in their traditional marketing - reaching out to their target audience via moving bus ads. They are looking to establish their presence online in order to reach out to the young mums. After Kobe: Conversations after the campaign was strong with a [...]

Kidzbee – Apramo Baby Chair


Kidzbee Apramo Baby Chair Before Kobe: Kidzbee is looking to establish their brand name strongly in the baby products market online to supplement their offline presence. After Kobe: Besides achieving online presence and awareness, Kidzbee has now managed to interact more with their target audience thanks to comprehensive reviews done by the influencers in their [...]