Rimmel – Brow Shake Filling Powder

Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder Before Kobe: Rimmel prides itself as an Eye Expert in the UK and has recently expanded to Singapore, and therefore seeks to build its brand personality as relevant, unique, individualistic, cool and irreverent here as well. After Kobe: Rimmel was represented in bold ways that highlight its style very well. [...]

HASK – Hask

Client's Testimonial - Fenny Sariajani, Marketing Manager "Working with Kobe was effortless - we just had to receive quality submissions on our end, without having to worry about anything! They were truly detail oriented and the strategies proposed were clear. Also, their technological platform and approach in content angles for social media marketing were very [...]

BeTime Marketing – Uriage

BeTime Marketing Uriage Before Kobe: Uriage faces intense competition in the premium derma-skincare market. As such, it aims to take the bigger share by strengthening its brand presence online. After Kobe: Influencers shared their experiences using Uriage's range of products that is suitable for all skin types. Consequently, followers decided to try the product as [...]