Project Description

Granny’s Secret


Before Kobe:

Having a strong presence in the Chinese community, Yikowei is looking to tap into the Malay community with their pineapple tarts, just in time for Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

After Kobe:

There were creative ways that the influencers did to promote the pineapple tarts for this campaign. In conclusion, not only did Yikowei managed to tap into the Malay community, they have also created their presence online stronger as well, thus also reaching out to the younger population.


243,694 outreach and 4,226 engagements


“Kobe understands us perfectly and ensured that they deliver the results to us! This working relationship together is really warm and heartfelt as we could really feel their sincerity in working with us. With a few more weeks to Hari Raya, Kobe managed to deliver more than 100% of what was promised and achieved 162% in terms of the outreach and 141% in terms of the engagement! We really had a pleasant journey with Kobe and always look forward to achieving greater heights with Kobe!”

– Elaine Koh, Director


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