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Who are the Parent Influencers?

You might be thinking how they can help your brands to build awareness and to spread word of mouth?

They might be parents or parents-to-be who are actively documenting and sharing parenting tips on their social media.

Being parents or parent-to-be, they know how tough it can be to go through the parenting journey. It is not an easy task.

Thus, they would want to help each other.  Parents will share the positive experience that they had from a product or service.

They are happy to share about anything that has to do with helping the parent community.

So what do they usually share? It can be new baby products, courses that are useful and new places to visit as a family for bonding time.

Common Endorsement

These are some of the common endorsements handle by our parent influencers:

Kobe’s Parent Influencers 

These are some of the parent influencers that are actively using social media to share their parenting journey.

There are many more parents influencers in our databases that can help your brands to spread word of mouth.

Feel free to check with us if you need to engage them to try out your product or services.

Our Influencers:

(See photos on the left)

  • @BongQiuQiu
  • @azzahfariha
  • @Charlottekiew
  • @Cheeserland
  • @Eeqa4president
  • @Fizzlepop
  • @Jayina.C
  • @Krisstleganison
  • @Ninahalim
  • @Themishmashmess

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