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Who are the lifestyle influencers?

You might be thinking how they can help you and your brands to build awareness and to spread word of mouth?

Lifestyle influencers are all about showing a positive way of life, giving off cheerful vibes.

They are always updating about their personal lives and always happy to share anything that will help their followers.

Thus, they are best suited for drawing attention to any products or services that one can relate to.

So what do they usually share? It can be anything that is related to their lifestyle.

Common Endorsement

These are some of the common endorsements handle by our lifestyle influencers.

Kobe’s Lifestyle Influencers 

These are some of the lifestyle influencers that are actively using social media to share their personal journey.

There are many more influencers in our databases that can help your brands to spread word of mouth.

Feel free to check with us if you need to engage them to try out your product or services.

Our Influencers:

(See photos on the left)

  • @typicalben
  • @geraldpng
  • @lynxling
  • @clarencewx
  • @cforcassan
  • @randyys
  • @popthebob
  • @featherbullets
  • @umeandhara
  • @cherylyao

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