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Patented A.I Influencer Marketing

Kobe (口碑) provides end-to-end influencer marketing solution that includes influencer discovery, relationship building, campaign management and reporting analytics. Our patented Artificial Intelligence platform crawls through millions of data points, allowing us to recommend influencers based on relevancy.

Generate buzz for your brand with Kobe

Navigate through the world of noises and reach out to those who matter. With Kobe (口碑)’s expertise in providing end-to-end influencer marketing solution, our team of social media and influencer marketing experts are able to connect you with the right influencers to spread the right message to the right communities.

Power yourself up with A.I

Kobe’s patented Artificial Intelligence engine is able to understand social media feeds, allowing us to pair brands with influencers in a fast manner based on relevancy. Through our technology, we are also able to forecast content performance and deliver KPI-driven campaigns with weekly tracking reports. At Kobe, we strive to meet or even exceed your expectations! Connect with us to find out more about our AI-driven platform!

Build your brand

Collaboration with 200 clients and counting

Forming the bridge between Brands and Influencers, Kobe understands your brand story before setting the content direction, ensuring alignment between what your company aims to deliver and the style of Influencers.                          

We are trusted by 200 clients and counting, including government boardsfinancial institutionse-commerce websitesretail malls. Find out more on how we can help your brand by getting connected with us.

Engage communities

1 engagement every 15 seconds

Having 5,000 everyday influencers and counting on our platform, we power engagements once every 15 seconds.

 By engaging the right communities, experience a ripple effect and amplify your word-of-mouth advertising. Afterall, it is not who we know but who we trust that matters.

Contact us to try our A.I Demo and find out which influencers are suitable for your intended campaigns.

Amplify your messages and reach out to new regional market segments

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