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What’s in it for your agency?

  • Get access to 4,000 influencers with 20 million outreach across SG, MY, ID and TH

  • Receive client proposal which includes suggested content angle, sample influencer profiles, KPI deliverables within 36 hours

  • WOW your Clients: Authentic content generation to boost your media buy; present fanciful reports and guaranteed KPIs to your clients

  • Add on international PCT Patent, AI-Driven Influencer Marketing Solutions easily to your existing suite of offerings

  • Up to 8 hours of Training available for your team members

  • Flexible arrangements: White-Label or Reseller Programs available

Hear what our agencies have to say about us

“I love how responsive the team is – and how they would never fail to deliver, regardless of anything. If they have committed to the KPIs, the outcome is 100% guaranteed.”

Carbon Interactive - Digital Creative Agency

“With their experience in managing influencers and background in performance marketing, the campaigns we’ve run with Kobe were always a breeze. Just state my KPIs, objectives and preferences – they’ll settle everything else. A plus point is that they’re super responsive and solution-driven. Can’t wish for a better partner than Kobe!”

Havas Media

“We had confidence in Kobe from the beginning. They’ve got things in the right track. Rather than being an all-in-one model, they dominate their niche in influencer marketing platform. Just like our belief in being good at search, it was a clear win-win for our clients.”


PurpleClick Media

“We stumbled upon Kobe back in 2016 and never looked back ever since. They understand their audiences and what the brand needs. And thanks to Kobe, we can reach real people with real influences! It is a breeze working with such a dedicated team who helps agencies eliminate the tedious work of searching, contacting, negotiating and monitoring, they also made things easier for us! Kudos, Kobe!”

Trapper Interactive Network – Trapper Media Group

“Influencer marketing had been a rising solution for many outreach campaigns and we had been searching for an ideal solution provider that is technology-driven, hassle-free and focused on results. Thankfully for us, we found Kobe!”

The Media Shop.

“We organized a joint seminar with Kobe to share with my clients about influencer marketing and the delivery was awesome! Engaging and really value-adding – not at all your typical hard-sell seminar. My clients gave excellent feedback and we even received a feature on Japanese media!”

WASABI Creation

“The heritage and depth of Kobe’s team means that they understand the needs of agencies and our clients. Working with them is always a pleasure! Keep it up Kobe!”


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